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Shortly after 1933 Fredi had to leave the high school because he was a Jew. For the next few years worked on and off on different ships, among them a ship between Bremerhaven and New York, where he spent some time while the ship was docked. Around 1937 Fredi was arrested in Italy and brought to the Dachau concentration camp. He also spent time in other concentration camps like Sachsenhausen and Buchenwald. Shortly before the onset of World War II Fredi was released from Dachau and had to leave Germany within 48 hours. He managed to go to Palestine. Between 1939 and 1945 Fredi was intermittently homeless, took on some menial jobs, and spent time in the British Army. 
After the end of World war II Fredi joined the Israeli underground Haganah group which was merged in 1947 with other groups to become the Israeli army. Fredi was a messenger for the Haganah and the army on one of only 3 Harley Davidson motorbikes.